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Our website audit service is the perfect solution. Our team of experts will analyze your website's design, functionality, and performance, and provide you with a comprehensive report and actionable recommendations
for improvement.

Analysis of website design & functionality.

Our team of experts will evaluate the overall design and layout of your website, including elements such as navigation, user experience, and mobile responsiveness. We will also assess the functionality of your website, including the load time and any technical issues that may be impacting performance.

Assessment of website content.

Our team will analyze the content on your website, including the quality, relevance, and SEO optimization of your text, images, and videos. We will also evaluate the structure and organization of your content to ensure it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Performance analysis.

Our team will use various tools and analytics to evaluate the performance of your website, including page speed, bounce rate, and conversion rates. We will also identify any technical issues that may be impacting performance, such as broken links or missing alt tags.

Report and recommendations:

After the audit is complete, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes a summary of our findings, as well as actionable recommendations for improvement. This report will include specific recommendations for design, content, and technical improvements, as well as suggestions for increasing online visibility and driving targeted traffic to your website.


You need a full-service digital marketing partner that helps you stay true to your values. Bring your mission to life where your audience hangs out - the Internet.

Website Design and Development

Our business creates custom websites that communicate your brand's values to your target audience. Awesome experiences are guaranteed from wireframing layouts to maintenance and support years later! We are a Webflow Devotement House. Ready to boost your internet presence?

Search Engine Optimization

Our experts can help you maximize your website's potential and attract a wide audience. We'll research keywords to maximize visibility on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! and optimize on-page and off-page. Finally, we'll track performance to keep everyone updated.

Content Marketing

Our team strives to create content that stimulates engagement with your desired audience. We'll conduct comprehensive keyword research and produce stellar blog posts, articles, videos, infographics and more - all tailored for maximum effect! To ensure the success of our efforts we track performance closely so you can get optimum outcomes from every piece of content.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation services provide a comprehensive consumer base approach. Our experts will assess how to market your business using SEO, PPC, LinkedIn, and email campaigns. We'll optimize for optimal ROI and high conversion rates to transform prospects into customers!

Campfire Monthly

Sometimes you need have a good story and folks to share it with.

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There’s one thing I know better than BBQ, and that's marketing magic dies in the conference room.

We’ve been on your side of the table. Yonder is a post-enterprise, special-ops unit designed to grow your enterprise through the wild and new of digital marketing.

Based in Atlanta, GA, clients choose Yonder for our listening-first culture and results that help them win online. Get a website that works, SEO that sells, and content that converts.

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we build websites with SEO, content that will outrank your competition.

1. Strategy & Goals

You built a website because everyone does. That's not wrong, it's just not a growth strategy. Together, we'll build a high-performance site for your specific goals.

2. Content Roadmap

We've agreed on "why." Now we build the framework for your website sections and a powerful, unique message.

3. Keyword Research

Good luck with a website nobody can find. We identify and target keywords that speak to your audience.

4. Content Writing

Your keywords and content roadmap get married. Happily ever after and ready to communicate your value proposition.

5. Website Design

Words are only half the equation. Graphics, colors, images and more crystalize your message - the emotion you want your audience to feel about your brand.

6. Development

Technical stuff is fun. We put the pieces together for you. Have apps you need integrated? No problem.

7. Launch & Scale

Go live and celebrate!

8. Link Building & Blogs

Your website matures into adulthood. We tell other sites you're the authority on specific subjects. Blogs can be ongoing - up to you.

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