Google + YouTube

Paid advertising on Google and YouTube helps you reach customers who are looking for exactly what you’re selling - the simplest, most affordable, most effective way to advertise today.

Tap into the world’s largest audience

Google and Facebook comprise the world’s largest paid advertising audience, with nearly 500 million users combined. If you want to get your ads in front of a ton of people, using paid advertising on Google and Facebook is how you do it.

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So many ways to win

With so many paid advertising options at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to get your message to the world.

Search Marketing

Put your brand in front of people who are looking for exactly what you’re selling on Google. 

Intent Keywords
Custom Campaign Creation
Launch, Optimize, & Scale

Display Ads

Insert your ad on websites where potential customers hang out.

Targeted placements
Trackable reliability

Google Shopping

Put your product in the world’s largest, most accessible, more targeted online catalog - right at the top of the search results page!

Remarketing Audiences
Prospecting Audiences
Custom Intent
Custom Affinity
Remarketing audiences


Drive your message faster with ads people actually watch! Our video marketing service makes you look amazing on YouTube.

2 Billion Monthly Users
73% of Adults in the U.S. use YouTube
70%of what people watch is recommended by YouTube's algorithm

What you get with Paid Advertising from Yonder

Laser-Focused Targeting

Google and Facebook ads allow micro-segmenting of audiences so you can put the exact right messaging in front of the exact right folks.

ROI You Can See

You’ll always know exactly how your ads are performing - how many views, clicks, and shares - so you know your ad dollars are going to a good cause.

Budget Friendly Advertising

It used to be hard for small businesses to compete with the big brands on advertising. Google and Facebook ads finally level the playing field

Quick Launch

It can take months to launch a print ad, billboard or TV commercial. With paid online advertising, you can cash in on trends as they’re happening, in as little as one day.

Retargeting Ads

Someone visited your website but left without buying? Follow them around the internet until they warm up enough to convert.

Cash In on Intent

When people are searching on Google, they’re already in the mood to buy. That’s the optimal time to put your ad in front of them.

Step 1

Audience Identification

What makes online paid ads so effective is audience segmentation. We start by discovering every little detail about who wants to buy your product.

Step 2

Ad Creation

Our whip-smart team of designers and copywriters crafts beautiful, eye-catching, captivating ads your audience won’t be able to resist.

Step 3

Publishing and tracking

Once your ads are perfected, we hit “go.” With every click, we get insight on what works so we can make more of THAT.

Our proven process for paid ads

We put your ad budget on steroids by making sure every penny is maximized with brilliant strategy and execution.

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