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We build strategies, design digital platforms and create high-preforming websites.

Brand Strategy

A brand is strategy is a plan for how a company will create and communicate its brand to its target market. This phase of our approach tends to be the most delightful aspect of an engagement with YNDR. All projects start with a discovery session with our creative strategists where we walk your through a series of questions that help shape our collective understanding of your business, your customers and define the goals for moving forward. This phase ends with a blueprint complete with all the research, findings and direction we will be heading together.

Discovery Sessions

Vision Casting

Customer Research

Stakeholder Interviews

Stategy Blueprint

Marketing Plan

Timeline Expectations

Competitive Research

Digital Design

Design is better when it is created together. This is why we use tools that facilitate easy feedback. We believe that by pooling the talents, perspectives, and mindsets of designers, writers, strategists, UX experts, and of course, clients, we can create the best possible solutions to human problems.

We begin the design process by creating mood boards and content design documents. This allows us to make decisions and receive feedback more effectively. Then, we move on to planning the visual flow of the site together, using first-draft copy and prototyping to make sure that the end result is exactly what we want it to be.


Content Wireframes

Working Prototypes

Brand Design


Easy to use Design feedback Tools

Content Creation

Content is important for design on the web because it helps create digital experiences that focus on audience needs. Good content creation starts with research, clear and simple communication, and presenting information in ways that audiences will understand and appreciate.

It's important to always be thinking about content. This means starting every project with a focus on audience need, want, and expectation. From there, we build the story, the experience, and the questions your site will answer. Our approach to content creation is all about connection and collaboration. Designers, writers, and user experience experts all work together to create an experience for users that is as intuitive as it is informative.

Content Themese

Keyword Planning

Case Studies

Persona Building

Brand Taglines

Press Releases

Content Calendars

Web Development

We design in the browser and use Webflow specifically because it allows us to work faster and more efficiently, while also giving our clients the power to own their marketing layers. This way, they can confidently and dynamically market their company without having to keep coming back to us for updates.

While Webflow is our development platform of choice, it's not the only one we're familiar with. We're full-service idea-to-execution folks, with a full staff of strategists, researchers, SEO specialists, visual identity designers, and UX experts. We also create coded environments designed to integrate with Webflow, like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Plus, we're always looking for ways to push the boundaries of the no- and low-code format - like integrating with 3D engines. So if you have an idea that you're not sure we can handle, just ask!

WEbflow Development

Headless CMS Integration

Web Applications

API Integrations

Webflow Training

Ongoing Updates

Account & Project Management

Project management is a critical but often overlooked part of the creative process. At our agency, we view it as a full-fledged deliverable, complete with research, empathy, and organization. We also see it as an opportunity to identify process problems and build tools to fix them.

Our project management style is a hybrid of agile and waterfall methods. We begin with agile sprints for brand, design, and content. This allows us to move quickly through iterations and make adjustments along the way. As the project moves into development, we switch to a more traditional waterfall approach. This helps us keep track of all the moving parts and ensure a smooth and predictable production process.

At all stages, communication is a top priority. We check in regularly with clients via Zoom or phone calls, and maintain an always-on Slack channel for asynchronous updates and touch-points. This keep everyone in the loop and helps us keep the project on track.

Client Education

Weekly Status Reports

Detailed Project Plans

Collaborative revisions

Weekly Account Calls

Dedicated Slack Channel