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We create systems that grow your sales.

Your customers love and trust you. You’ve got the experience and you’ve got the dream team.
So when it comes to the online space, why does it feel like nobody even knows about you?

You can’t rely on the same old game plans if you want explosive growth.

It’s the age of automation and machine learning. Trying to apply traditional marketing strategies to build relationships with your online customers is a waste of time and money.

That expensive website you had built is sitting in the corner of the internet gathering digital dust because nobody’s going to it. Your first online advertising campaign was also the last because it did nothing for your business and no one was there to guide you through the changes in algorithm tech. Your social media profiles are getting so little traction, you’re embarrassed to send customers to them.

Figuring out digital marketing can be frustrating when everything feels so new and complicated. But all you need is help from someone who understands your business and knows how to equip you with proven tools and strategies.

We work with businesses who want to build relationships.

Born and raised in a little mountain town in North Georgia, Yonder’s founder, Chris Thomas, always felt like a small-town dude.

But after leaving the small town, he built a big-city marketing resume, creating explosive growth for global brands like Coca-Cola, Delta, and Red Bull Racing.

Along the way, he saw too many businesses who were stuck trying to make outdated marketing strategies work. He spent 20 years helping small and Fortune 100 companies grow their businesses by changing the way they think about marketing their products and services.

Fast forward to today, Chris started Yonder to help even more businesses on his own terms without the bureaucracy of corporate America.

Yonder Agency believes in:

Getting to know their clients and working with them as part of the team
Empowering their clients and equipping them with proven strategies
and tools (that they use themselves)
Guiding their clients toward bigger and better possibilities
Continuously learning about what works and what doesn’t

Most importantly, the team of Yonder wants their clients to see that when you tell your story in a way that helps your audience connect with you, you build lifelong relationships that fuel your long-term growth.

We are here to help you tell your story in a way that’s never been told before.

We want to see your business succeed.

If you’re ready for a marketing machine that sends you new leads all year round, we’re here to help.

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