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Meet The Big Guy

When you meet our Founder Chris Thomas, you'd NEVER guess he's got a resume that makes his competitors hide under their desks, shaking.

He's just so dang .... nice.

- Becoming the youngest creative director of the third largest engineering firm in the world…

- Working with Microsoft to create technology that allows multiple people to collaborate on the same document at the same time (aka: what we all now use in Google docs)…

- Designing apps, websites and UX for brands like Red Bull, Coca Cola, Delta, Ernst & Young and a whole lot more … 

(Did we mention he's traveled the country playing harmonica for some of the biggest names in rock and country music, too?)

At Yonder, Chris is bringing his 20+ years of experience working for the “big dogs” in marketing, branding, websites, and UX to the small business community. 

“Small and medium sized businesses deserve the same advantages as the big corporations. I love getting to really make a difference to those folks.

The first time I did a website and marketing for a little mattress company in Texas, they made their first million. They  freaked out! I was hooked. It is so cool to see real people get real results and get so excited about it. That’s why I decided to open Yonder.” 

                                                - Chris Thomas, Yonder Founder

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Our Manifesto

Our promise to you: When you work with us, you’ll always know where your money is going, how your efforts are paying off, and how much we (heart) you.


Our team of marketing experts bring their years of “boots on the ground” in the marketing world to work for you. 


We don’t operate in a secret underground bunker. You’ll always have 100% transparency about your project.


We make your marketing dollars scream with careful planning and execution that generates impressive results. 


Marketing should be fun! We learn what makes your business lovable, then we shout it with captivating creative.

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