Meet Chris Thomas,
Yonder Founder

Chris Thomas is a small-town dude with a big-city marketing resume. This bearded wonder was born and raised in a little mountain town in North Georgia. The foundation of his DNA is music, family, BBQ, and a little bit of mountain magic. 

What’s mountain magic? In the case of Chris, it’s falling headfirst into a bucket of good luck, time after time. 
From stumbling into touring the country, playing harmonica with some of the biggest names in country and rock when he was barely 18… To becoming the youngest creative director of the third largest engineering firm in the world…

To working with Microsoft, creating technology that allows multiple people to collaborate on the same document at the same time (a.k.a., what we all now use in Google Docs)…
To designing apps, websites and UX for brands like Arris Tech, Coca Cola, Delta, Red Bull Racing and a whole lot more… Chris is a pretty lucky guy. He also works harder than anyone else, too. 

At Yonder, Chris is bringing his 20+ years of experience working for the “big dogs” in marketing, branding, websites, and UX to the small business community. 

“Small and medium sized businesses deserve the same advantages as the big corporations,” Chris says. “I love getting to really make a difference to those folks. The first time I did a website and marketing for a little mattress company in Texas, they made their first million. They  freaked out! I was hooked. It is so cool to see real people get real results and get so excited about it. That’s why I decided to open Yonder.”