Meet Chris THomas

40% Creative 40% Strategic and 20% BBQ.

Yonder Agency practically exploded out of Chris in 2019. He leveraged 20+ years of marketing experience to birth his baby - and now sits comfortably consulting corporate leaders from the other side of the table. 

Though a North Georgia mountain critter, Chris hiked down to Atlanta early. Within minutes, he made a mental note: these Fortune 100 folks will never win if they keep hammering outdated marketing strategies. Flash forward.

Today, Yonder is sky-rocketing.  Why? Chris provides that “down home” comfortable feel. A mighty team - especially a small one - can deliver full-service marketing with a big impact. Your customers need you. We help them find you. 

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what we do best

Your customers need you.
We help them find you. 



We squeeze each marketing dollar till it screams with careful planning, execution, and the results you want.



You’ll always have 100% transparency about your project. We don’t operate in a shady underground bunker.



Knowledge is more than just experience. Relevance comes from the freshness of youth and the experience of pros. We have oodles of both.



This might sound weird. We hang out with our clients, because marketing is a fun, relational part of life. Join the party, why dontcha?