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Where’s the best place to hide a body? Page 2 of Google. Nobody ever looks there. Yonder will help you rise to the top of search engine results with expert SEO. 

High-impact SEO drives sales

Expert SEO from Yonder helps people find you faster so they have less chance of landing on your competitors instead! Schedule your call today, and let’s talk about how Yonder can help you take your rightful place at the top of Google. 

What you get with SEO from Yonder

Comprehensive SEO

Our SEO team uses a variety of SEO strategies to keep your rankings strong through Google updates and market changes.

Tracking and Optimization

SEO should never be a “one-and-done.” As search terms rise and fall, we’ll make sure you keep up with the most effective terms in the market.

Keyword strategy

Going after the “right” words is key to beating your competitors at their own game.

SEO copywriting

Our expert SEO copywriters craft highly effective, tantalizing copy that shares your brand’s message while boosting your SEO rankings.

Step 1

Keyword Research

We’ll see which keywords are performing well in your industry right now and which ones your competitors are going after. 

Step 2

Keyword Strategy

Lots of SEO agencies make the mistake of going after the BIGGEST keywords, not the BEST keywords. We don’t.

Step 3

SEO Implementation

We sprinkle all the right terms and phrases onto your website like Salt Bae. Just enough, not too much, to make Google smile.

step 4

Tracking and Optimizing

We watch your data with an eagle eye to make sure you’re getting the maximum return on your SEO investment.

Our proven SEO process

SEO is how new leads find you on the Web. It HAS to be done right! We’ve perfected our SEO process over years of doing SEO for small businesses, so you get the impressive results you’re looking for.

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